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About Mainstream Engineering

Background & History of Mainstream

Founded in 1986 by Dr. Robert P. Scaringe, Mainstream is a solution-oriented, research, development and manufacturing small business located in Rockledge, FL. Mainstream started out with two R&D contracts from the U.S. Air Force. We now manufacture equipment and perform R&D research for most agencies of the U.S. government and many government prime contractors. Mainstream's products are sold worldwide and we hold a Department of Defense Commercialization Index of 100%.

Mainstream has received numerous honors for outstanding products, performance and innovation, including:

✔Recipient 2013 Florida Excellence Award
by the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce

✔2014 Recipient of SBA's Tibbetts Award for Commercialization

✔Winner 2013 Florida Companies to Watch Award

✔SBA's Prime Contractor of the Year for the southeastern U.S.

✔SBA's Administrator's Award for Excellence

✔100% DOD Commercialization Index Rating

✔State of Florida Governor's New Product Award

✔Several Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Awards

✔SBA's Tibbetts Award for Commercialization

✔Both State and City Awards for Job Creation

Mission Statement

To research and develop emerging technologies. To engineer these technologies into superior-quality, military- and private-sector products that provide a technological advantage.

Mainstream is a premier R&D company that focuses on transitioning advanced thermal control and energy conversion technology into high-quality and cost-effective commercial products. Areas of expertise, include heat transfer, fluids, thermodynamics, mechanics, chemistry, nano-technology, and power. Mainstream is currently providing solutions to NASA, DOD, DOE, DOT, DOC, USDA, and industry through externally-funded R&D programs. Mainstream also has extensive internally-funded R&D to support our externally-funded R&D and to transition R&D into commercial products.

Read our engineering mission here: Engineering Mission